Flowjack is an Australian business dedicated to providing innovative and reliable stock watering equipment.

Float Valves

Float valves available in 1’’, 1.5’’, 2’’, 3’’ and 4’’ sizes,
in different float arm and float configurations to suit different troughs and preferences.

1 to 3'' float valves
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If you don’t have a good cover on your float valve the float arm is the weak link that is likely to be damaged by livestock. The Flowjack flexible float arm resists damage by allowing the float arm to flex rather than permanently bend or break if it is nocked by live stock.

All castings are 316 marine grade stainless steel including the valve seat, ensuring your valve will last a long time. The stainless steel valve seat provides resistance to corrosion and wear at the most critical part of the valve and will not work its way loose under pressure.

Ease of maintenance
A removable float arm pivot pin instead of press fit makes maintenance easy.

High pressure
If you require a valve that can handle high pressure the Flowjack 2 inch high pressure valve is rated to 133 psi and ultimate pressure of 210 psi. The Flowjack 1 inch valve is rated to 260 psi and an ultimate pressure of 348 psi. Please see pressure chart for more details.

Manual shutoff device

  • This device is an optional extra that allows the user to override the float valve function and manually shut the valve off so fluid cannot flow through the valve bore;
  • This can be a cost effective alternative to purchasing another type of valve to perform this function e.g. ball valve or gate valve;
  • Available to suit Flowjack 1’’, 1.5 ‘’, 2’’ and 3 inch valves.
  • Click here to watch a video that demonstrate how to install the float valve manual shutoff device.


Reliable design with less trouble & more value

  • There are many different types of float valves but in most situations a good quality clapper valve will provide
    the least amount of trouble;
  • The clapper valve design is mechanically simple compared to others which means there is less to go wrong. For example some designs have a sliding piston or sleeve that can become stuck due to a build up of foreign material e.g. grit, calcium and plant matter;
  • Many sleeve valves have an O ring as well as the main seal that all float valves have so there are two seals that will eventually need replacing;
  • Another plus with the clapper design is the ability to adjust the water height in the trough by simply turning a bolt rather than bending the float arm or adjusting the float chain.

3’’ Float Valves

3’’ Float valves to suit Northern Stockwater concrete troughs

The picture below shows a 3 inch float valve with an elbow float arm and poly shell float.
The elbow float arm allows the trough to be filled to capacity without having the adjustment bolt on the valve head wound right out.




Poly Shell Floats
Flowjack poly shell floats have a polyethylene outer shell with polystyrene core. The polyethylene outer shell provides protection for the polystyrene core from UV rays, bumps and knocks while the polystyrene core ensures the float will provide reliable service even if the outer shell is damaged.

They have a stainless steel mounting bracket that is connected to a stainless steel backing plate on the opposite side of the float body via lock nuts. This design makes it very unlikely for the mounting bracket to be pulled free from the float body.

Stainless Steel Floats
The photo below shows a stainless steel float designed for use in suit Northern Stockwater concrete troughs.  All joins are tig welded and not soldered.




3’’ Float valves to suit traditional trough configurations

For traditional trough configurations where the valve head is above the waterline the following options are available.

Float Arms
You can choose either a flexible float arm that allows the float arm to flex rather than permanently bend or break as shown below or a rigid float arm as shown right.

Stainless steel tig welded float shown below.

Poly ball float kit makes and economical alternative to a stainless steel float. Shown below.

4’’ Low Pressure Float Valves

The Flowjack 4 inch float valves are also fabricated from 316 marine grade stainless steel and available with flexible or rigid float arm.